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1971 War PAKISTAN PERSPECTIVE By March 1971 1971 war commenced the most tragic year of our history. Failing to resolve a political problem by political means, a Martial Law regime, manipulated by some megalomaniac politicians, resorted to military action in East Pakistan on night 25/26 March. Widespread insurgency broke out. By April 1971 Personnel of two infantry divisions and Civil Armed Forces with weapons were airlifted in Pakistan International Airlines planes, over-flying about 5000 miles non stop via Sri Lanka in the first week of April 1971 – the longest operational…

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1965 war Pakistan Perspective Wars 

1965 war Pakistan Perspective

1965 war Pakistan Perspective By April 1965 1965 war  the Indian forces intruded into Pakistani area in the Rann of Kutch in April 1965. In a sharp and short conflict, the Indian forces were ejected. Both the armies had fully mobilized, with eyeball to eyeball contact. Pakistan proposed cease-fire, India accepted. An agreement was signed: the forces disengaged. The Award by the Arbitration Tribunal vindicated Pakistan ‘s Position. By September 1965 Past midnight on 5/6 September, without a formal declaration of war, Indian Army crossed the international border and attacked…

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Kashmir War 1947 – 49 Wars 

Kashmir War 1947 – 49

Kashmir War 1947 – 49 Pakistan Perspective Kashmir War by November 1947 Kashmir War By November 1947 Auchinleck, Supreme Commander based in New Delhi, being convinced that Indian Cabinet was seeking to destroy and undo Pakistan by economic and military means, was forced to resign. As the build-up of Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir continued, Pakistan Army units were being hurriedly organized and equipped without any base for manufacture of ammunition, signal stores, equipment or vehicles. Simultaneously, Pakistan National Guards were raised from ex-servicemen and other volunteers along border areas…

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